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Pan Am Gold Medalist Kate Poulin Transitions to Meadow Creek Ranch with Focus on Training and Top Sport


National Championships was a great way to end the 2016 show season! I am so happy with Belisario(Rio) at this show. He was focused all week. This morning it was 32 degrees when I went down the center line at 8 am. Burrrrrr……. we came home with two red ribbons and one blue! Good bye Intermedaire I because we are on to bigger things. Renee and her own V had a great rides all week at first level. They got an 8 on their walk!!! Kelly and Easton placed sixth with a 67 percent in the nation. So proud of everyone.










Region 8 Dressage championships recap!

Congratulations to my student Kelly Grant and Easton were winners of the GAIG/USDF  Second Level Championship AA with a 73 percent. Isabella and Brilliant Too were Reserve Champion of Third level Jr/YR with a 69 percent. Isabella also won the large mixed Third level class on Thursday with a 72 percent. Liz Ritz showed for the first time at Fourth level. She won her class with a 66 percent. Renee showed for the first time at First level test 3.  Belisario scored a 68 percent in the Intermediare I.












We had so much fun doing a ride to music at the Chagrin Hunter Jumper show. Jules was so good. I love this mare! Thanks to her mother for taking these beautiful pictures of us!jules



The NODA show was a huge success for my students. Isabella got a 69 percent at Third level, was high score Jr/yr, qualified for regional championships and she got her final scores for her Bronze medal. Not to shabby! Kelly Grant and Easton got a 70 percent at Second level.  It was Julies first time showing at a recognized horse show. Her and Leo got a 64 percent at Training level. I am so proud of everyone.




Congratulations Colene Stevens on the purchase of this stunning Dutch gelding by Voice out of a Jazz mare. Let the adventure begin!


Wow what a mare! 72 percent in the Prix St George today! First place! I also rode Count Sinclair to a second place right behind Noiestte! Great way to end the Florida show season. So proud of both horses.


Count was super for his first time showing at Prix St. George. We showed at Grand Oaks Resort.





2015 News

We are hosting Christoph Hess October 9,10,11, 2015 at Fair Weather Farm in Chagrin Falls Ohio.

Christoph is an International Dressage and Eventing judge who teaches at International level as well as running the Personal Member Department (FN) and represents the Training Department of the German Equestrian Federation as an ambassador. Christoph was on the FEI Eventing Committee. He also utilises his experience in sports and education with his strong level of involvement in the development and examination of judges and instructors. He has judged at almost every important eventing competitions as well as European Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games.

Link to auditor form below.

Christoph Hess Clinic October 2015 Form




The show calendar year has ended for us Dressage riders and the national standings are final!

Congratulations to my students on there national standings

Kelly Grant and Easton  #2 KWPN Training Level AA

Renee Miller and DEM Valiente #3 IALHA Training Level AA

Amy Sturdevant and Amoroso LE #2 IALHA First Level AA

Kate Poulin and Belisario #1 IALHA Prix St. George Open

Colene Stevens and Bonifaz S 13th AHA Prix St. George Open

Congratulations to Sally Gries on receiving her USDF Bronze Medal

And Congratulations to all my students that qualified for Regional Championships next week!
Kelly Grant, Barb Grove, Amy Sturdevant, Ali Weeks with Fisherman and Dexter, Colene Stevens, Kate Poulin with Belisario Interagro and Count Sinclair



We are please to have Christoph Hess from Germany September 23 and 24 at Fair Weather Farm. All riding slots are full but we welcome auditors. Christoph Hess Clinic April 2014 Form________________________________________________________________________________

July 20 2014- Congratulations are in order for Kelly and her own Easton this past weekend at the NODA Dressage show. They now qualified for regionals at the training level AA division! Kelly also had some fabulous tests scoring a 71% and 77% Kelly was high score AA for the whole show! Kelly also won a very special award yesterday, The Dressage Foundation award. Liz and Natasha B won her Third level class and was Reserve Champion AA at Third level for the show. We are so proud of you guys!



July 13 2014- WOW what a weekend for Poulin Dressage at the Waterloo Dressage show this past weekend. Kate and FWF’s Belisario, swept up in the Prix St. George division. Winning all three days, scoring a 72%!  Amy Sturdevant won all their classes with her own Ambrioso in the first level AA division and Renee with her own Valiente had a successful show, receiving her qualifying scores for Regional Championships at training level. My student Coleen was second behind me with a 68 and 69 percent in the Prix St. George! Her personal best. And Ali won all her classes on her own Dexter in the  training level open division with a high score of 74%.

Waterloo2014 876redo



June 22 2014- It was a very successful show this weekend for me and my students. Sally won her class with her own Count and received her final score towards her USDF Bronze Medal. Belisario and I had two good Prix St. George tests placing second both days in the FEI test of choice.  Belisario also won the IALHA high point both days! So proud of my student Liz who made her debut at Third level with her own Natasha B. She had a beautiful, fluid test with clean flying changes. The future is bright!


June 15 2014- Another great horse show. This weekend was the WPDA Summer Dressage Classic. Sally showed her own Count at First level and Kelly showed her own Easton at Training level. It was both combinations first horse show ever! Great way to start the show season off!


June 14 2014- Congratulations to my dad on receiving the USEF Gold Medal of Distinction



June 13 2014- Did you see Kate Poulin in your email this morning?  Belisario and Valiente posed for Schneiders Dressage Collection photo shot! Check us out if you didn’t get the email this morning!
June 2 2014 Poulin Dressage and Schneiders are sponsoring the Best Hands Award valued at $125 at the following shows: WPDA Summer Classic, Dressage Derby of Ohio, NODA Dressage and WPDA Summer Sizzler! Details on the award are available in each show program. Keep an eye out for it.
May 26th 2014
It was quite a successful show for all my students this past weekend at the KDA Dressage show. Amy Sturdevant got two 68% at First level and qualified for Regional Championships! Colleen showed her own Bonifaz in the PSG Open and qualified for Regionals as well. Ali Schueler Weeks won the Intermediare I all three days with a personal best score of 71%! Ali was also Reserve high score FEI Open for the show. All their handwork is paying off. I showed Count Sinclair in the Second level 3 open division scoring a 67,69 and 70%. Count and I are now qualified at First and Second level! Belisario and I had some very strong moments in the PSG Open this weekend along with super scores and comments from two “O” judges. Thanks to my mom for all her time, dedication and knowledge that she gives me and my students.



2013 News

Congratulations to Kate Poulin and all her clients at Fair Weather Farm. They swept up this past weekend at the NODA Dressage show. Liz Ritz and Natasha B won both her Second level classes with a 69% and 66%. Liz was also high score for Second level and she was the recipient of the Dover Saddlery AA Medal both days!! Liz is also qualified for Regional Championships! Way to go Liz! Kate showed Renee Millers, Valiente, in the Training level division, winning both days with a 71.8% and 71.6%. Valiente was reserve high score for the show. Kate also showed Relentless Love in the open Second level division. They placed first and third. Ali Weeks and Fisherman showed in the Prix St. George division coming home with a blue and red ribbion! Ali is now qualified for the Regional championships! And last but not least, Anna and Obi did a great job showing in the First level Jr/Yr division. Anna will be joining the rest of the group at Regional championships too! Very successful show for Poulin Dressage

Renee Miller and Kate Poulin all smiles with Valiente.

Renee Miller and Kate Poulin all smiles with Valiente.Photo by Liz Ritz


Dressage Derby wrap up-Kate Poulin and Valiente  were high score for the entire weekend with a 73%! Owners Renee Miller and Tom Heinen are very proud.



June 18th and 19th Poulin Dressage and Fair Weather Farm are hosting a clinic with Michael Klimke. Michael Klimke is one of the children of the late Dr. Reiner Klimke who was one of the greatest proponents of classical dressage training.
Michael, himself, is a trainer and educator that has a true passion for the correct training of the dressage horse.
He is noted for bringing his horses up through the young horse ranks to becoming International Grand Prix competitors. Michael has had a very notable career having competed at the 1996 World Cup, was the reserve rider at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and in the same year became the German National Champions.

Auditors are welcome both days. We suggest that you pre-register as there is only room for 60 auditors each day. Auditor space will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Klimke Clinic June 2013 Auditor Form


2013 Kentucky Dressage wrap up! Congratulations to Kate Poulin and her students at the KDA spring show. Amy Sturdevant and Teddy made their debut at First level and got their scores for their Bronze medal. Ali Weeks got a 1,2,3 finish in the Prix St. George open and got her final scores for her Silver medal. Kate showed Renee Millers, Valiente in the Training level division winning with a 70%. Kate also showed Carol Loves, Relentess Love, in the Second level division getting some impressive scores.

Bob Tarr Photography

Bob Tarr Photography


Congratulations to my dad on being inducted into the USDF Hall of Fame! Check out the press release.

We are please to announce Kate’s newest sponsor Equi in Syle!

Their EIS shirts are proudly made in the USA. Cutting edge fabric technology combines body cooling IceFil® with the most advanced moisture control and the equivalent of SPF 50 UV protection. “There isn’t another shirt on the market that I would wear to stay cool and protect my skin. At the same time they are stylish and perform well under the high demands of our equine sport.” Kate Poulin



Liz Ritz Photography

Region Two Dressage Championships was a huge success for Kate Poulin and her students. Pictured above is Relentless Love owned by Carol Love modeling his Championships cooler he won in the First level Freestyle division. Relentless Love also placed 3rd respectful in the Training Level Championship class with a 72.8 and 4th respectful in the First Level Championship class with a 70.6. Kate also rode Belisario Interagro in the Second Level division to a first,third and fourth place respectfully. Kates students also made quite the impression at this years Championships. Elizabeth Ritz and Natasha B rode to a second place finish in the First level Test 3 AA class on Thursday. On Friday Liz rode Natasha B to a Beatles mix in the First level Freestyle Championship earning herself a Reserve Championship title! Liz placed sixth respectfully in the First level AA championships class on Sunday. Anna Ruple and her Arabian gelding Oberon took home a third place ribbon in the Training level Jr/yr scoring a 71.2. Anna’s horse Oberon won the high scoring Arabian of the entire show! In the Training level Jr/Yr Championships Anna placed sixth respectfully with a 66.7.  Ali and Fisherman blew the competition away in the Fourth level AA Championship class scoring a 69 percent to clench the Championship title. They also won their Fourth level AA class on Saturday! There is always people in the background and we would like thank Michael Poulin for taking time out of his busy schedule to coach. Karen and Carol for helping all of us during the five days at the show. And my student Liz for capturing thousands of moments with her camera.

Poulin Dressage won the Barn Basket competition at the Region Two Dressage Championships. Thank you to all who donated to our basket including Rachael Hicks, Carol Love, Kate Poulin, Liz Ritz, Silverpoint Kitchen and Caitlin Nicole Design Studio. Thank you!